The Beauty of Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is one of those places that many travelers have placed in lists of “Places to visit before you die.” The reason is simple, its uniqueness and beauty inside of it.

This canyon is known as slot-type canyon and it is formed due to wind and water erosion throughout thousands of years.

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Where is Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon is located near the town of Page, in the state of Arizona, about a 5 hour drive North of Phoenix.

In order to access the actual canyon you must hire the services of a tour company since you are not allowed to go in on your own.

There are two different sites to visit, upper, and lower canyon. We asked around a few people about the difference between them and the consensus was they are almost the same. So we decided to go with the most popular, lower canyon.

Where is Antelope Canyon?

How much is it and where do I book a tour?

There are several companies that offer this kind of service. Some of those companies are:


They’re all offer pretty much the same service, and pricing is also very similar. The one we used was since it was the first one we spotted on our way down from the hotel.

They got different packages that average $35-$45 per person, ours was $37. There is one tour in particular that is a bit more expensive than the other ones, and that’s the tour that leaves at noon since it has a higher demand. The reason, the sunlight penetrates the canyon totally perpendicular, making it brighter in the inside, thus a better scenery for photography.

Operators also offer tours for smaller groups, specifically for those who are into professional photography. On these you can bring your tripod to the canyon, they’re a bit more expensive though, about $80.

power plant

Entrance to the canyon is near the power plant

If you are going during high season, I would advice you reserve your spot with anticipation since they fill up pretty quick, although walk-ins are also allowed.

The tour lasts about one and a half hours, counting from the moment you get into the vehicle that takes you to the canyon, until they take you back to the same spot. It’s about a 15 minute drive from Page to the canyon’s entrance.

During the tour, a guide will explain the history of the place and give you a few good tips for taking photographs.


  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Do not litter
  • Do not engrave anything on the canyon’s walls, you can touch them, just don’t make any damage.
  • You might want to cover your photography equipment when not in use. The sand is VERY thin and it could easily mess up your camera and lenses if not protected.
  • Take pictures with NO FLASH, they will be better quality.
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